we didn’t mean to be going through life this fast

each of us,

               because we all felt so lost from early on

so disillusioned

       at the very outset of our own self-awarenesses

that we felt left behind . . . that everyone else seemed to be going along just fine, so we must have missed something somewhere . . . something important . . . but now we have to hurry (back into the past to find what we missed and jumping into the future trying desperately not to miss anything else . . . endlessly) . . . all the while we’re trying to catch up/keep up . . .

. . . but we don’t/didn’t want to appear to be running or frantic

                                                                                           Or hollow

                                                                                                Or shallow

No no no no no no

We do not want to appear that way at all . . . no one else appears that way . . .

It’s like we’re in a stampede and one of us dares ask:

                                                              “What are we running from?”

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