If you’ve read any postings of mine before this one, you will have realized what I simpleton I can be. This posting will not disappoint.

I’m OK with the truth of that. Quite simply:

                                      most of what I have truly learned… 

(learned, as in applied to my daily choice-making processes…i.e. do more of this and less of that…simplified actions of lessons learned, ya know?)

                    …resulted from my simple attempts to simply implement simple truths into my daily walk of life…at the moment of making a more awareful choosing… 

Well, quite unexpectedly, 

when I make a slightly different approach or choice in a situation(based upon my own lessons that I claim to have ‘learned’), I get entirely new reactions…within myself and from the world beyond my self…

internally for sure, I feel ‘better’ when I do what is ‘better’ (again, by my own experiences have I judged the ‘betterness’) so, I’m being ‘true’ to myself.

and, sometimes (more than 50/50), I sense I haven’t made anything worse with anyone else involved in the moment either…

this is a win. This is growth: genuine personal development.

Not huge, not glamorous, not sexy. 

It is, however, real. And we all do so desperately want to be better at being real.

When and as I open up to something newish, I do so gently and warmly, reminding myself that I’m practicing learning, not trying to be perfect.

I am in and on the path of sharing, caring, and leaning in to connect, 

to cooperate, 

to co-create a new commitment to our common welfare, 

to trust again in our fundamental goodness and act accordingly in collaboration with others openly sharing and caring…

Rather than pledging fealty to falsehoods and acting in me-first defensiveness and baseless smearing of anyone who honestly questions.

No loving impulse, while always involving an element of me-ness, is love without the inclusion of others equally. 

This is not news. This loving one another same as we love ourselves stuffs…

Self-care is a necessary stage in wellness. It is not the final destination. Unless that’s what you have decided for yourself.

Could you envisage a world wherein we all decide to just care for ourselves?

Oh, wait. That would be one helluva final destination, wouldn’t it?

I know. When I put it this way, it seems way too simple a choosing.

That’s what’s so confusing.


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    Disclaimer: Poetic license is at work both here and in my books. Any errors or anomalies are through no fault of my editor. These were left deliberately at my expressed intention to clearly indicate that goodness does not require perfection.

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