Along the wall of the big room, there is a fireplace. It’s smallish, as opening such as these go, no […]
Most social conversations involve some form Racing to the next moment to be there first to be there the funniest […]
Let’s continue being honest together and acknowledge that none of us really have enough tick-tock clock time in a day […]
I don’t have to tell you—and still, I want to be clear—there are some very imaginative people in the world […]
men stood around who had taken an oath to protect and serve      while innocence and innocents died while innocents bled […]
Words: wanna believe them again?… and don’t know which wordy word worder worker to trust? Might I suggest we try to […]
The genderlessness of love is the genuineness of love. The colorfulness of love is the colorfulness of humanity. The authentic […]
If you happen to have a crow in a treetop somewhat nearish chances are it will start to caw. I […]
And, yes, of course, it would be appropriately paradoxical to recognize that,                 […]
Obviously, I’m not a fan of shortcuts. They’re usually the quickest way to somewhere I didn’t know I was going.  […]