There’s been an uptick in blaming and shaming from the Thumbs Downer in hiding. This is not a criticism or […]
If nothing is new under the son, sun, then all learning is, in essence, a returninga rememberinga recalla resurfacing of […]
Of course, the appeal of the contestant shows, the bake offs, dance offs, sing your arses off, turn your chair […]
Since time began for youthere has been no specific plan for youthere has been a place made for youand, as […]
The paradox about our own personal internal development is that we do not want to be “crazy” or “outside the […]
Trust this. Humans have good reasons for just about everything they decide, decided, will soon decide and the do-don’t do-or […]
I can tell you as much in my silence as I did/do/will with my words and since you do most […]
There are people,Real and tender and dearGood—decent—people who are terrified of the “water” (vague and nondescript, of course…the best fears […]
The social decency norms, ya know, the flame-retard-meants intended to moderate a person’s impulses that are impossible to legally “get […]
C span, I wish I could quit ya. Yet—well—it is too plain to C:the Knuckledheads have taken off pretending that […]

Disclaimer: Poetic license is at work both here and in my books. Any errors or anomalies are through no fault of my editor. These were left deliberately at my expressed intention to clearly indicate that goodness does not require perfection.

"Having read only the first few pages, I had a feeling of warmth and familiarity which spurred me on to continue reading page after page."

- Amazon Reviewer