If misery knocks on my door                             and I choose to answer it, to open the door                             and to welcome misery […]
Words! They just don’t mean the same things anymore. Even the words good and goodness have trains of baggage, gathering […]
There’s a difference between: — Wanting to learn and to honestly continue to try to do a little better, in […]
I eventually admit, usually years later, that I actually love it when a realization splashes freshly across my face and […]
The myths and legends that have sprung up surrounding the ordeals of the “explorer” of any new realm, world, or […]
I’m beginning to detect a pattern. That may be my issue and, if it is, I’m sure I’ll be so […]
It’s a funny little oddity about our human nature. It seems as though whenever someone begins to open up, I […]
I don’t beat an addiction, or an obsession, or a compulsion I ask for help and I ask for that […]
I am a trier.    We both are. How do I ‘know’ that?  Well, I’m trying right now and you’re […]
Just because we’ve been doing something our whole life…no doubt we have our own personalized way, our own particular fashion, […]