There are moments of complete amused amazement in our daily life that we’ve all had. Mostly we slide on by […]
So… You all know how I really try to steer away from rumors… This is not one of my more […]
It’s dawning on us all that our very consciousness,  singularly and, mysteriously, collectively… all of those very things that we […]
Using pronouns to refer to that which cannot be named  is as tricky and as potentially misleading as attempting to […]
I caught myself     I was bared to the bone metaphorically (it didn’t hurt) The whole moment I was in     opened […]
I’ve looked over your schematics and your suggestions for organizing and compartmentalizing your various components, functions, and energies . . […]
What would the all-knowing not know? . . . . . . or not want to know? . . . […]
I’m really not sorry to have to tell you this . . . but:         Top-down change doesn’t work.  Oh, granted, […]
Isaac Newton didn’t “discover” gravity. Apples fell long before the one that bounced off his head (myth, I realize, but […]
If you do not have any sense of spirit Fear not.  You don’t have any sense of the specific, in […]