We refer to the truth about a moment, a situation, or whatever, as illuminating… the cliche is that the truth […]
Love  usually shows up and seems to be begging for mercy,  sometimes for itself (oddly enough), most often though, love […]
Most social conversations involve some form Racing to the next moment to be there first to be there the funniest […]
The idea of impermanence is actually inconceivable to the infinite in us. Being hindered by, or captured by, or limited […]
Every day, I write, filling many bits of paper and memo pads with my thoughts on a variety of topics. […]
I have discovered, much to my cosmic delight, that being fall-ible… you know, making mistakes, not being perfect ever, AKA, […]
Here’s a true clue as to when we experience a genuine moment of connection with something other than ourselves during […]
Words: wanna believe them again?… and don’t know which wordy word worder worker to trust? Might I suggest we try to […]
If you’ve read any postings of mine before this one, you will have realized what I simpleton I can be. […]
hey there, simple person here, passing on an example of what I mean by simple and where it can lead. […]