I am a participant in the cycles and circles of all sorts…of life and forms and ecosystems…and more. I have no […]
The master weaver is being woven masterfully this is to be expected there is no problem weave, weaver, wove, woven, […]
How delightfully human is it of us to get to Oneness, have a feel around and wonder what else is […]
Dearest You, It’s probably been a long time since last you received a personal letter with an opening no less. […]
I have been transparent. You all been looking right through me. It’s a feeling of invisibility for sure, like a […]
In modern lives, a lot of us have a rapid wrap-it-up results mentality,bottom line it for me,“cut to the chase” […]
I believe each of us deeply caresand each of us equally makes a difference. We matter.We are made of the […]
The sacredness of the union of two spirits bonded somehow against all of the unlikely odds in this infinite cloud […]
Once upon a time, in a relationship so far away as to seem to be in another galaxy of energies […]
How is the source of Love to come reigning fire when it’s so clear to so many that the fires […]