For so many people these days, there is this agonizing:  to secretly, I mean, sub-consciously almost secretly,  hopelessly love so […]
Feels somewhat sinister, the title, no? (and I’m not referring to the grammaticals, for those so inclined) Consider the word […]
I eventually admit, usually years later, that I actually love it when a realization splashes freshly across my face and […]
A reminder for troubling times: All the help we want and pray for in the world has always been found […]
Whatever it is…                  (and it could be anything you decided…) that you […]
I’ve been spraying these on a few walls of mine: — the thing that most limits us from exploring our […]
It appears as though I’m being showered with goodness that I neither earned  nor can deny. These postings are what’s […]
The road is not forking. We are. There was a saying once: United we stand. Divided we fall. Just a […]
Goodness is not complicated. And makes no apology for its plainness, its directness, its lack of protocol or sophistication or […]
Came across this on a tombstone:                                   “Left more goodness than I took.”                                                                     I’m as speechless as you are. wouldn’t that […]