As is frequently the case, I’ve been misinterpreting or misunderstanding a popular American saying, widely believed to be historically borne […]
practicing loving kindness towards yourself is not gibberish, or pampering or woo woo. It just feels that way…like an adult […]
as to the one, so too, the other… As a statement expressing our ‘aiming towards’ or ‘feeling for’ something equal […]
Whatever it is…                  (and it could be anything you decided…) that you […]
We all have had that sense of having been some sort of ‘clean slate’             […]
There are two many 2s in twoday’s date for me not two notice. You two? If you just now had […]
I have been                      honestly mistaken enthusiastically misled                                                dramatically incorrect heartbreakingly disappointing                 a burst of delight                                                             clueless in the extreme and […]
First of all,                   if someone is genuinely,  and I mean genuinely,                   living into kindness . . .                                               . . . […]
     I don’t think we need to be noticed in order to be nice.      I don’t think we need to be […]
Question: Do you know how you can tell if you are still approaching your life as if everything in it […]