As to the one, so, too the other.  That ‘feels’ about level, right? If that sentence or thought was a […]
Whatever it is…                  (and it could be anything you decided…) that you […]
I know . . .                I know . . .                               I know . . .                                              echoes down the canyons of […]
Let’s do old school…                                                                                                         2/11/2022      Dearest You,      I suspect that our educational system is so outdated, cumbersome, and socially damaging […]
My learning to ‘let go’ was not a learning about what ‘letting go’ means.      Letting go was and is an […]
When we ‘master’ a skill set,               we do not conquer it, or subdue it,                         or never have to pay attention […]
The blackboards of learning at the front of every classroom are stick figure explanations, two dimensional chalked misrepresentations of multidimensional, […]
As any island fisherman from simpler eras will attest, using a spear to catch a fish that’s stationary and completely […]