There’s no surprise that as and when we seek to be true to ourselves, not our imagined self “image” (image-in that? […]
The genderlessness of love is the genuineness of love. The colorfulness of love is the colorfulness of humanity. The authentic […]
A moment of petulant, self-centeredness—(alright, maybe a year, or five, or so)—does not and will not ruin our fundamental intention […]
In uncounted millions of novel and imminently practical ways, the human spirit is rising to the occasion of these current […]
It’s a funny little oddity about our human nature. It seems as though whenever someone begins to open up, I […]
I have yet to be the best at anything and I sincerely doubt that I’ll ever be the worst, although […]
I’ve been spraying these on a few walls of mine: — the thing that most limits us from exploring our […]
     If I were an analyst with some secret agency, which I am not—full disclosure, never have been or will be—so […]
I’ve been sneaking up on my spirit          for most of my life I know that now . . .   […]