Along the wall of the big room, there is a fireplace. It’s smallish, as opening such as these go, no larger than two pet doors combined. Its build-out from the wall is four times as wide. Kinda emphasizes the small. In one of the corners created, there stands a tower rack designed and produced to hold CDs (compact discs). There are skyscraper buildings that house businesses and peoples with the same basic outlines dotting most major cities. Not quite triangular and definitely not squarish, the CD tower rises from its rectangular base a full five feet to its pointed pinnacle – an off-center two-faced top from one viewing angle it almost gives the appearance of the bow of a shop really.

Even as this is written, a CD holder and the CDs themselves are old technology. That’s what poignantly strikes. Everything ever made is either constantly being tinkered with and improved or it’s on its way to being discarded. We’ve termed this processes evolution. We’ve pronounced this process as progress. We reward and admire anyone who can build a better mousetrap or better way to do something. We do not however apply or applaud or reward the same processes within ourselves. We seem to inherit, construct or adopt a self-image and a perspective from which we view relationships & the world at large and that’s it. We’re done. We then only defend what we’ve created rather than seek to improve.

Everything changes. Full stop.

So what is so alarming about allowing that within ourselves?

Technological developments either drag us along or shove us into the new, the latest, the best…yet.

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