Scientists and writers have examined life from different angles and in the finest of details and each has concluded the same thing:

     There’s a randomness in the details of life, an uncertainty in the outcomes that can hinge on as minor a moment as a moth’s wing beating against a candle’s flame and, still, there are patterns that emerge in life that can be useful but that cannot be controlled or predictive.

     They’ve been researching and describing the human condition from two different approaches: 

                              the one is empirical        and         the other is experiential 

and               they both have arrived at the same understanding:

Life is what’s happening. It’s not what we think.

Life is full of possibilities . . . and then specific energy interactions begin to register on our receptors, be noticed and reacted with, which then guide—but do not dictate—what happens next . . . immediately and, then, eventually. Everything is connected. Nothing happens in a vacuum . . .

And here’s the kicker:

Any interaction, even on the smallest of levels in the remotest of places, can and sometimes do have major impacts . . . which are . . .

Unforeseeable…………………….and not just unforeseen . . .

Unknowable………………………not just presently unknown . . .

I personally suspect that they’re on to something.

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