My lying app says visibility 16 miles and I can see the moon some way far away than that eyesight bargain.
My weather app on my device, handheld,
is quite remarkable for a landlubber
and an amateur star celestializer and moonlit romanticizer.
Yes, we are measurers.
We like to size things up
to take in the full measure
to step back and put someone into
a fuller view, framed picture, like, a context
not a contest
not a combat
but context.
As we all know from science guys,
Nature hates (abhors) a vacuum.
A void. A nothing space
where nothing IS
but IS
IS something
and nothing, if it IS anything,
is definitely
NOT a something.
NOT a thing is nothing.
No matter, right?
Well, a lie is not a real thing.
It, the lie, claims to be real.
But when asked properly, legally and honestly,
for the proof,
well, the lie goes poof
and tries to hide elsewhere.

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