I was attempting to express the paradoxical nature of the churning within, the uncomfortable sense of shifting something, rolling and bowling over huge obstacles in the guttural, visceral, internal cost/benefit ratio range, risk versus reward, factoring factualizing worst-to-case scenarios and placing insurance bets, hedged bets, hedge funds from being the edge of our regulator’s sleepy underpaid over/above the table eyes wherein below the table, under the clothes, draped to cover the legs playing fast and loose tootsies with the footsies who have the hotsee topzees for those boys still playing fantasy Nazis like fantasy football or fanball gamble at all.

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    Disclaimer: Poetic license is at work both here and in my books. Any errors or anomalies are through no fault of my editor. These were left deliberately at my expressed intention to clearly indicate that goodness does not require perfection.

    "Having read only the first few pages, I had a feeling of warmth and familiarity which spurred me on to continue reading page after page."

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