There are chemical, molecular & electrical processes that are occurring in every organism at inconceivable speeds. Billions of times per second. There is no way to mentally grasp this. It is so infinitely complex and so completely autonomous of whatever we humans call our consciousness or our awareness that self is a self… sort of.


Acceptance of

This reality

That our consciousness is billions of times a second behind my own biology…

I’m aware of myself only in the past tense. My present moment awareness is already choosing prior to my consciousness. It’s pre-conscious; I’m making choices even as I ponder if choices truly exist. A mirrored rabbit hole.

All of this, so  rapidly happening; faster than continuous blinking

In nanoseconds – quantum calculations – we’re already time traveling moment to moment, which is faster than anyone can ever keep up, so we start being selective in what we pay attention to, and these selections begin to shape our character, which steers the course of our next choice and so on. This is the engine of co-creation. Began at conception.

The potentiality.

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