There are truths that exist outside of time.

Hence, we refer to them as timeless.

We, however, exist – live – in time, by that I mean, we process our experiences sequentially. Something(s) has led us to this moment and something will happen as a result of this moment. Even if it is our own passing on.

An element of a writer’s experience is to tap into the timeless truths & then to choose how best to bring them back into the current moment… to connect with these truths and articulate them. Obscure, distant or far-away truths are of little use in the here and now. The moments of our decisions, of our choices, and of their consequences… that’s when these truths are so instructive… they invite us to step out of the myopic, tunnel vision of the moment and attempt to “see” what’s truly involved with our choices… we are co-creating a path thru the uncertainties of a given moment.

We will never have enough information to remove all uncertainty. In any choice. Currently, the human race is on a mad dash to exponentially & artificially increase our computational abilities. The belief is that more processing power will bring more answers. And on certain levels, more info does or, at least, can result in improved understanding and modified solutions. However, all of that developmental process has led to and can only lead to more questions.

We cannot outthink possibilities.

What we have chosen to do instead is to exploit possibilities.

This has birthed capitalism.

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