when brute force interacts—engages—clashes with quiet resolve

                                                                              Something changes

All aspects of both energies

                                                  are being impacted

All aspects of both energies

                                                  are necessary

Neither have a clue as to what is emerging

as they currently swirl

                                                    Love is never clueless

Love is finding its way

                              And we are all witnessing these acts of love against the backdrop of horror

All the ways love is showing up

against all and any odds                                  with quiet resolve

finding moment after moment for love to reveal to ourselves, up so close and deeply personal, that we have not lost our decency, our compassion, our true goodness nor our spiritual compass…love is pouring out from so many of us all and coming into this world as the truth of us as it is…

And be the real real once more

Not that love ever left

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