Isaac Newton didn’t “discover” gravity. Apples fell long before the one that bounced off his head (myth, I realize, but I still like the visual).

I’m bouncing a few things off of heads myself. 

And if one such bouncing stirs a “discovery” . . . you, yes you, can legit state, without needing to brag, that you had a part in it. You were under the tree, something happened unexpectedly, and then something occurred to you . . . some ‘dots’ of individual experiences were connected and, voila, a deeper or more complete understanding emerged . . . and it was and is a zesty experience . . . this self-discovery shit . . . who wouldn’t want to discover things . . .

Oh yeah, right, we seem to prefer our ‘discoveries’ prepackaged and delivered with a bow. We want convenient authenticity.

We want painless change.

We want personal growth and development to be a box we can check off of our to-do list.

And I’d like my children to pick up their toys when they’re finished playing with them.

I’m not a gambler, but the oddsmakers are telling me that my chances with the kids and the toys are better than your chances are at feeling satisfied with a checked box. 

And, as a parent, I will admit candidly . . . that I’m still picking up those toys.

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