I scraped a footpath thru an underdeveloped tract of forest. I use the word “forest” because it came with the property & not because it’s immense. It is, however, underdeveloped, apart from the house & graveled driveway, in odd growth & natural. The footpath is around the perimeter of our portion of this “forest.” The Apple device on my wrist has assessed the length of the “loop” at .49 of a mile. It’s not long really, as it weaves and meanders its way.

In the few years that we’ve lived amongst all of this wooded life, I’ve come to realize that, just like us humans, no two trees (even of the same type) are even close to being the same. They’re all distinct variations of their general kind. Unique actually. Shaped by genetics, weather, disease, insects, birds, etc. – each tree is itself in close proximity to numerous others. Botanists have learned that these trees are actually in a community. They share. They communicate. They assist each other with nutrients, water, and resisting common threats. Trees probably do more than that with and for one another, but you catch the drift.

They are distinct but deeply connected. Just like us.

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