I am a trier.    We both are.

How do I ‘know’ that? 

Well, I’m trying right now and you’re trying to forgive me…

Oh, so we’re both triers…


As triers,

We are (can be…and in endless ways) each individually a force of nature. If you’ve ever met one, you’ll know what I’m referring to. They can feel equal parts buzz saw and updraft simultaneously. The one thing we remember is that they don’t leave much untouched as they pass through…we love and fear them at the same time too. 

So…we each are a force of nature

emerging from and in something we call nature

through and with natural processes

that are forever beyond…

our understandings

beyond all likely of hoods, probabilities, chances, and imagination…

(cue drum roll…)

I am                        You are                           We are

That’s a statement of existence. Not an explanation. 

More to follow…

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