In uncounted millions of novel and imminently practical ways, the human spirit is rising to the occasion of these current circumstances, united and uniting still further in our unwavering dedication…that is the actual evidence that so many of us still do completely believe in goodness, in decency, in compassion, in our own humanity, and in the worth of a stranger’s humanity…

We believe in our timeless human spirit and in our innate dignity.

And so, We rise 

individually and personally


for our own sake

for our children’s sake

for one another’s sake

for love’s sake

We are willing and are pulling together

and we will try again to grow past this impulse to terrorize… 

…as we gather even these lost ones and before we gather even more of our dead and dying…while we lament and admonish and punish and seek revenge because we recognize how terrible terrorizing is all over again…while those who do not want to recognize or ‘see’ themselves in what they are doing…are clearly not caring at all…

and we all can ‘see’ that crystalline clear now for ourselves

and those of us who do care…about equality, and fairness, and other people’s rights, freedoms, and dignities…

will and are standing firmly and courageously together…

we are leaning in

you know? We’re weaving the strands of our energies as a kind of a ‘rope’, a lifeline to hook into and to contribute into, in whatever ways ‘pop’ up. These small but necessary streams or strands of trying and caring, blend themselves into something, something that emerges…stronger and timeless, durable and everlasting…it’s nothing short of…

the beauty of the human spirit and the invisible, unbreakable bonds of love…

we are either going to breakthrough this dysfunctional pattern of primitive interactions

or we’re going to be willing to die while trying

Living with war, or under the threat of self-annihilation, is not our destiny. 

We are asking ourselves, each of us in the mirror, are we willing to try together to do something different? 

If we’re using honesty as our main tool and love as our compass, the course we set will never be towards the cliffs.

Trust me

Trust yourself

Trust us

Trust love

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    Disclaimer: Poetic license is at work both here and in my books. Any errors or anomalies are through no fault of my editor. These were left deliberately at my expressed intention to clearly indicate that goodness does not require perfection.

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