men stood around

who had taken an oath to protect and serve

     while innocence and innocents died

while innocents bled

     while innocents breathed each and every breath in terror

for what must have been an eternity…

                                           men stood in the hallway




                                                debating and thinking

I have expressed as clearly as any language can: thinking blocks caring.


Thinking is a way for us to excuse our failure to show up as we ‘know’ in our hearts we want to…for balking and talking…for not having courage in the face of the uncertainty and the unknowable…

WHO CARES???  That is the question.

Go ahead. Think about it. Talk about it. 

Decency demands our honesty. And our resolve to act in whatever hallway we are standing in. Dare to care. Kindly and courageously and repeatedly…if you want.

This much is for sure; those who stood by will not draw a peaceful breath until they are completely honest, in public, about what really happened.

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