singing in unison involves 

not being afraid of being drowned out

while we fully join in.

                                                                        when and as we sing in unison

     we each still have our own voice, our own pitch, 

our own music within the

                           music being shared

consider, if you will, oneness and togetherness like that…

     rather than envisaging complete conformity 

or sameness                                               or the bland blah blah

     or comparing anything at all

Oneness is singing from your heart

     The Lifting up of…the conscious and intentional contributing

of your voice to the full-throated joy,

                                 as and how you wish, want 

or ask to be shown how…and how…to join in equally

      shown…and not commanded…

and not shown so much as to how to stand out…

…as much as, again I remind us,

how to honestly and fully

join in

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