It is apparent, to more and more of us, that the spirit of us is not contained by the body, merely interfacing with it. The body is not the enemy of our spirit. Nor is our ability to reason the enemy of our spirit. Thinking is simply not intended to be our guide, only our companion and eager assistant. 

Our energies are in disarray…misaligned within ourselves…this is not a design flaw…there are trials and errors on scales we have not yet imagined or allowed for…and we sense this intensely at certain instances in each of our lives…

We have all had our own brushes with or versions of ‘out of body’ experiences… these are typically so untypical as to be startling…the sensations, or moments, or flashes of intuition, insight, Deja vu or ‘elsewhere’…there can even be sustained periods of imaginationings (creative spurts or hallucinatory episodes or blends of zany brilliance; or pain killers and alcohol, let’s be real)…these can be the siren singers of mythology…some of us wander off…not many wander back…

Most of us, however, push or shove these personal experiences into our special memory vault labeled variously as: “the inexplicable.” or “the do not open,” or simply, “Oddities,” or “Weird,” or “Unusually unusual,” or, my favorite, “duh… what?”

And, of course, these experiences have lots of unresolved/tantalizing energies…and compressed as they are in the vault of the “too terrifying”…we do not realize that they are interacting in that compacting environment…from which…there emerged a diamond of a truth…from all of those squirmy, persistent inklings or yearnings or pangs for something better for greater numbers…and from the secular version of human endeavors…a revolution was born…and a beacon for humanity was lit…paraphrased:

“We hold these truths (this truth especially, editorial added) to be self-evident: 

                                That all persons are created equal…”

And, since that is true, then it is also true that we have always been equal and will remain so, no matter what anyone else tries to get you to believe.

Love is the great equalizer.

This is not new. It’s fallen out of practice…or had almost been pushed out of the focus of our choices…but we’ve been aiming for this between one another…and within our own energies (lovingly learning…not constantly criticizing)

The suggestion to ‘love one another’ was simple and sincere.

Remember, your own life’s experiences have shown you that you feel better by trying to bring a little TLC to a moment, better about yourself and life in general, when and as you lean in caringly and kindly.

And, you know what else? 

We’re all worth that little extra effort. It brings out the betterness in us too when we see you bringing out your betterness for us.

I believe in the us of us. 

When and as we seek to live into our truths, we harmonize our energy realms.

The alignment and unity of our individual essence(s) within ourselves opens us up, more and more, to the unity of the essence(s) between us. 

These happen simultaneously…growth through and with kindness expands within and without our consciousness…

connectedly…this is the beauty and mystery of togetherness…of love

try not to think about it…

feel for it…

you’ll ‘know’ without knowing

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    Disclaimer: Poetic license is at work both here and in my books. Any errors or anomalies are through no fault of my editor. These were left deliberately at my expressed intention to clearly indicate that goodness does not require perfection.

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