I’ve been sent my share of links to videos showing elaborate arrangements of small tiles (dominos, many times) and other objects that, when the prime mover moves, the energy cascades (hopefully, mind you, but that’s another field) visibly through all of these distinct pieces to its Ta-Da conclusion.

I smell a metaphor around here somewhere . . . do you?         maybe not

Anyway, physicists generally and oh so gradually, have been exploring and grappling with the implications of their experiments. Specifically, that reality is an endless and limitless cascadings of processes with streams of intersecting and interacting energies, most of which do not react with light (and so we can know nothing about whatever it’s not), and those that do react with light, which then become visible. In that sense, they manifest.

We seem to belong in that group. 

This doesn’t fit with any of the previous versions of our collective self-image.

Even the scientists, after more than 100 years of monkeying with the quantum reality of reality, still do not know what this means or says about us.

We should not expect them to. It’s not their strong suit.

What I am strongly suggesting is that our collective, earlier in historical times imagined, images of ourselves were no more an accurate representation of our humanity than a map of the known world drawn on the skin of a dead animal. Both were flat, static, and completely wrong. 

Our earlier images are stick figures compared to the swirling wonders

we actually are.

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