We’ve all, OK, maybe only some of us, have seen (either in person or on a screen of ours) someone with a “virtual headset or visor” on, engaged and interacting with the world strapped on their head.

Within that world, their actions & reactions, are theirs alone. We, who are there watching, can be amused, curious, or alarmed, “real” injury to persons or damage to property are possible while the person in their virtual world plays or thrashes.

Well, our own brains are creating a “virtual” world from sensory input the moment our “senses” come “online” with our brain.

I’ve known this was all an illusion I have been attempting to take off my visor.

We’re not even playing the same game.

When the “same” game is playing for multiple people, we call it believing.

We can never truly be in the exact, precise “same” game – but we can believe strongly enough to sense a general shared energy – and then we’ll overlook the specific differences.

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