I don’t have to tell you—and still, I want to be clear—there are some very imaginative people in the world and there are some very devious people in this world. When the devious devise a long-term strategy and cloak it under the guise of normal give-and-take politics, the good-hearted and well-intended are always caught flat-footed and quickly back-footed.

You cannot prevent the crime at the level that this was taking place. The crime preventers were the perpetrators of the highest order. This is not an accusation. This is the truth. Here’s how we know—

Here’s what the truth always is: forthcoming, accountable, caring for the good for all equally. These are the hall markings along the corridor leading to the truth. The truth is offered freely. It does not tuck, duck, call names, or flick blames.

That’s something that wants things other than the truth. A different sort.

What kind of sort? Let’s ask:

What sort pleads the 5th?

What sort throws baseless accusations and doubt at every opportunity and demonizes any person daring to disagree with their “side” even in the slightest?

What sort demands total and complete fealty to their cause and call it freedom?

Well, that’s the sort that wants you to vote conservative because of the economy.

Well, this time and maybe for the only time,

please consider opening your eyes enough to realize that this time, I repeat,

it’s not the economy we are really voting on.

The big lie must not become our truth.

This is our moment. Vote out all who support the lie.

It’s our chance and choice to be genuinely American, moving into a better future together.

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