Walk, don’t run, to a stream nearest you   and sit        and,

if you don’t mind trying to be quiet,                 try doing so

you need not raise a ruckus in order for me to find you in the real real,

. . . those inexplicable moments of undeniable, profound connection that enters us as we enter it . . .

Now, right now, there are those of you who are reading this and taking it literally.

You have walked yourself physically to the nearest stream you know. Wonderful.

I await you there.

Also now, there are some reading this and instantly protest inwardly (although not always consciously):

                                          “I have no stream to sit by . . .

                                           I have no legs to walk with . . .

                                           I have no quiet that I can find anywhere . . .

                                           I’m feeling left out, ignored, over-looked . . .

                                           and angry.”

And I tell you this,

Go to the stream of a memory from a loved-filled moment in an experience. Go, sit with and in the feelings from that, your actual human experience of a genuine, love-filled exchange/experience. I will meet you there.

Again and again . . .

I am there at the very moment you remember.

Always will be.

Trust that.

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