I believe each of us deeply cares
and each of us equally makes a difference.

We matter.
We are made of the matter of the universe.

We matter.
We have impact.

No matter…

You and I interacting, thatโ€™s a we:
you + me = we
you + 0 ย = you ๐Ÿ˜ž
me + 1 = something more than us
sitting beside one another on a bus, train, plane, or whatever.

We matter.
What we say, feel, and do matters.
What we think when you + me dare to be honest, open, and kind, dare to genuinely care, to take an earnest interest, to chat, to exchangeย  – not pleasantries, but pleasantly – about nothing more than whatโ€™s their joy du jour.

You tell about one of yours + I tell you one of mine.

If a further conversation or a different experience is more immediate or pervasive than joyโ€ฆ it will pop up at some point.

Now that you are both in a little joy, you can feel safe to let one other or some other stuff out too.

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