Here’s what we say:

                                                 “Forgive me for being human.”

Here’s when we say it:

      Only when we’re completely cornered in a moment somehow and can’t figure another way out.

Here’s how we say it:

Sarcastically, well, for the most part.

What do we expect in return for our admission?

Ridicule, scorn, derision, shame, etc., etc., etc., (and that’s just internally)

What if . . .

                 . . . the reaction we got to our having a human moment and honestly admitting it out loud and clearly was more along the line of:

               “Yeah, well, we all are. So, no problem. Alright? How would you like to get on from here . . . you know . . . like we might be friends . . . about all this?”

That might be better, right? 

That might work . . . might help…might be worth a try . . . and more than once . . .

And it all begins with honesty

And it all results in connection and closeness

When, with and in our allowing one another to be human . . .

We are learning how to be better as we are being kinder . . .

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