What if the present world’s external circumstances

were an answer to our seeking the truth and not a punishment? What if the current state of affairs is an answer to one of our most primary fears or spiritual quandaries:      

                            Do I/we matter?                 Do I/we make a difference?

In a starkly clear moment in historical time, our intellectual, spiritual, political, and personal awarenesses are aligning and we have seen the answer as:


As a species, we’re making an impact. We matter in the global scheme of things.


What’s that you say? It’s not a flattering picture? Don’t worry about it. Now is the time for change. Now is our time to grow upwards together. Now is our time to join together and to act.

We’ve seen our impacts

And we clearly don’t like everything we’re seeing in a lot of ways, not all ways, enough ways to require a fundamental wake up though. It’s clear we’re sleepwalking off a cliff of sorts.

Any takers for choosing differently?

I’m already all in.

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