I’ve been receiving many kind comments and thanks for Owning Ourselves, the book I’ve written which describes a practical path to personal awakening. I am grateful that the book is being helpful.

I have also been contacted by individuals who have expressed their interest in and professed their ability to help me. I referring to the nice people who would like to help me in the marketing of my message. SEOs anyone? (Search Engine Optimization) (I only know that because I asked). Much like I would treat a Jehovah Witness’s person at my front door, I entertain their fervor politely but briefly. They’re doing what they believe to be their best. I respect that. It’s never about them as a person.

The witnesses will often begin with the question: “Have you been saved?” The consistent lead off question from the marketeers is: “Who is your target audience?” My internal reaction to both queries is bemused confusion and my facial expression must be some sort of dead give-away in that moment because before I can ever begin to reply, they rephrase. The witnesses: “Have you accepted Jesus as your lord and savior?” The marketeers: “Who are you trying to reach?”

I will confess that, once or twice, I have playfully toyed and teased in both these situations in my responses. Not that I was demeaning or cruel. I was, however, less than sincere and candid. I’m not doing that anymore. It doesn’t feel as clean as I’d like to feel.

So here’s my experience: when I answer sincerely and candidly, it’s their turn to have a bemused confused look on their faces. With that, I consider I’ve returned the favor and politely end the conversation. They never protest the ending. They seem to welcome it.

Now, I won’t go into my truthful answer to the witnesses because that’s between me and them.

However, you…yes you, dear reader…are someone I am reaching. I don’t know how, really…the logistics and specifics of how you’ve found this page…whether it was through an internet search, intentional or accidental…or through a friend…or through my book…or…or…but the fact is we are here on this page together. And that, in itself, can be a moment of awe and wonder. Geographically you can be anywhere. As you are reading in this moment, we are here. I couldn’t have charted a course to here but I can be grateful for the gift of your presence.

My answer to the marketeer’s question is: “Anyone and everyone who is seeking.”

Age doesn’t matter. Country of origin or culture doesn’t matter. Language doesn’t matter thanks to instant internet translators. Gender doesn’t matter. Nothing that usually matters between people, matters here. Seeking is what matters. Not wanting to live in the blind darkness of repetition matters. Not wanting to feel constantly misheard or misunderstood when you question something more deeply…that matters. Not knowing if you’re the only one on the whole planet wrestling with profound shit matters. Wanting to grow and to continue to care and to flourish wherever you are…well, all of that truly matters.

You matter. I matter. We matter. We owe it to ourselves to never forget that nor to give up in our seeking.


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    Disclaimer: Poetic license is at work both here and in my books. Any errors or anomalies are through no fault of my editor. These were left deliberately at my expressed intention to clearly indicate that goodness does not require perfection.

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