The suggestion that we might try to “Listen while you read” was expressed to me as the attempt to follow the neural neutral, yet, slightly on the plus side… folksy and familiar suggestion along the lines of:

‘whistle while you work’… oh, walter d. (trying not to name too many names… then everyone starts the blame game).

So… I have to type this anyway… please just take a simple moment and listen… I get it … 
We, the peoples, have to make a real choice.

This is not a hedged bet … 

if you’re playing both sides and have fooled yourself (and some of your ‘closest’ [then, hardly knew them, ya know…s o sad] and your so-so very trusted ‘frienemies’) that there’s no real accountability for people such as your elite selves selling out and who have ‘risen’ above the rules of ‘ordinary’ folks… well … turns out you, chiefly lawlessly of all, were flat out lying and not just mistakenly wronged.

And NOW…  there’s no ‘sure thing’ anymore for any of those who were ‘in the know’ and saying so privately, personally, and prophetically

And betraying your oath to defend and uphold by PUBLICALLY breaking trust.

Let’s listen with an ear for the truth, the human truth and not the spins of the one who only believes he’s meant to try- umph and retrial- umphs so many impossible ways to win, win, win, win, to keep winnnnnnn…. and the thumber slips into the
Whiner… who has never won a thing…  only cheated and stole and lied about it.

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