Words: wanna believe them again?… and don’t know which wordy word worder worker to trust?

Might I suggest we try to start with asking:

-are the moving mouths using their words to discover the truth and reach for solutions in the direction of the welfare of all of us equally and fairly?


— are the mouths moving to avoid the truth and, with it, accountability for past demonstrable falsehoods and actions and*or responsibility for cooperating in the solution efforts towards our common good, as evidenced by actions and progress, not empty promises and excuses.

I suggest we trust the people who are seeking to bring the truth into the light and to take actions in accordance with what is revealed.

The others? 

Well, you, dear reader, have to get real and be honest with yourself. Have you ever known yourself (or anyone else), to cover up if you’ve been honest?… if you have nothing to be afraid of in the light of the truth, then there is no impulse to hide…no reason for delay, for secrecy, or for claiming some exclusive privilege.

As elected officials, it was supposed to be their privilege and their duty to uphold and serve the principles of our Constitution…not to hide in its arcane language, its vagaries, seeking its protections even as they betray 250 plus years of noble efforts towards

Equality, liberty, and true democracy. They are being untrue to this just cause.

Hard to believe I have to write these words.

I held these truths to be self-evident.

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