If I sang out of tune, 

            would you walk out on me?

Wow. What a gut punch question . . .

Let’s not worry about the answer . . . let’s consider what prompted the ask. 

It doesn’t appear to be coming from a place of trust and love . . .

Yet, it’s an element of our humanity to wonder. 

Yet again, we somehow seem to wander over towards our insecurities whenever we go off a wondering. Almost exclusively. Like a habit of sorts.

Now, to be honest, there are other choices of wonderings to wander over towards,

let’s say, for example, we might could wander and wonder in the direction of kindness, or to move closer to the warmth of goodness, not to mention the wonder and gift of love itself, shared without the expectation of anything in return.

feckin’ choices again

no wonder we sleep walk so much

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