I do not suspect that it is our spiritual and human truths that have changed. 

I have lots of indications that we haven’t adapted them to our changing times.

The cultural stories, myths, images and other beliefs and practices that have been traditionally used to slow down change and stabilize our beliefs through familiar, easy to grasp themes and shared in common references…are obsolete. The pace of change within our awarenesses and our cultural—global— circumstances have rendered them less than quaint. Many of the stories, both at our children’s level and on through our adult level, promote perspectives that are actually contrary to the wholesome/healthy values we thought they had represented.  

Yet, we have generations that were raised on these myths, beliefs and stories that defend them as if they were a part of themselves, that react as though their very worth as a person were be being threatened by developing broader perspectives and equal inclusivity…and not simply retiring outdated imagery and culturally biased misunderstandings.

Here’s the stuckness we’ve been experiencing:

A truth, any truth, without a path or a picture to its relevance is a kite without a breeze. Not many can see it laying on the ground unless they happened to stroll by.

There’s a whole bunch of you who have a lot of experience with the wind of inspiration.

Wanna lend a breath of fresh air to a friend?  Then kindly tell a meaningful story about a valuable experience to someone you love and make your truth relatable.

You choose.

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