Owning Ourselves

In the middle of a restless night, in the midst of a busy, routine day, chatting with friends about nothing in particular, fixing a broken toy…at some point in our life each of us has wondered if there wasn’t something more to life than what we were doing, than what we were thinking.

It can feel like a whisper that we can’t quite understand. It can hit us like a siren’s blast that we can’t just ignore.

Owning Ourselves
Owning Ourselves

In Owning Ourselves: A Practical Guide to Awakening the Western Mind, A. Charles describes the paths many of us have followed, only to find ourselves cornered and asleep. He then offers an approach to awaken our minds to the possibilities of the world and to the possibilities inherent in all of us.

This book is for all of us who want to move forward into  awareness and authenticity. There is much relief when we do so and there is great joy. It’s our choice.

Owning Ourselves is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions.

5 thoughts on “Owning Ourselves

  1. Awesome book..thank you so much for taking complex subjects and putting them into plain language. The suggestions for exposing and awakening our minds are down to earth and practical. I have started writing in earnest, and am amazed at the new insights.


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