I’m somewhat confident that you, dear reader, with a computer and access to the internet, are familiar with camera […]
It’s been my experience that people who grew up in tourist destination cities or who live there because […]
I would scan the steady stream of bodies on the ten people wide sidewalk from the fourth step of […]
     On Friday, I met my wife just before noon where she was working. The plan was to […]
The Chinese may not have embraced capitalism as an economic system (not openly that I know of) […]
I mentioned earlier that the hotel room had a wide window ledge that I made use of. […]
Logistically, my wife was in Shanghai on a business trip. Because I am self-employed and a writer, […]
For those of you who are currently living in or have experienced densely populated urban living, some of what I’m […]
This Sunday, January 10, 2016, my book Owning Ourselves is going to be available for free downloading […]
It was much earlier in my life that I became disenchanted with the hype surrounding christmas and new […]