Poor Albert Einstein. At the ripe old age of 26, he published several theories that redirected the field of physics […]
Historians generally agree that one of the chief complaints the fledgling revolutionaries in the Colonies called America had against […]
As a citizenry, we are conflicted to our core. We aspire to be a land of equals […]
It has been argued that the spiritual evolutionary clock is always being reset to zero because one of the […]
You and me we’re at the heart of the matter we’re at the nub…the rub…the only place […]
In our schools, before we teach our children math, ecology or history…before we teach them about much […]
Rather a catchy phrase, don’t you think?…”The Cutting Edge”. I’d rank it right up there with “The Tip […]
  It’s not hard for me to take a look around wherever I happen to be and […]
Somewhere between absolutely right and completely wrong is where we meet the reality of ourselves every day. It’s […]
It’s no secret nor that unusual that many of us have a voice (or several) chattering constantly […]