If the truth is timeless (and it is) then I suggest it’s hanging around somewhere in plain sight, like it always has, just waiting […]
Whether you’ve had some remodeling work done in your own home or have watched one of the many home remodeling […]
I’ve had many conversations over the years (some quite recently, hence this blog) with parents whose major concern in life […]
The words corrupt and corruption have been more liberally used in social media and news reports in recent months.  At […]
It will take me a moment to get to TJ, otherwise known as The Pen of the Revolution, while I […]
In a recent blog, Center of the Universe, I ended with a line that has brought a few readers to ask a similar […]
  We have a saying here in the States, “The cream always rises to the top”. It’s an old saying. […]
The speaker himself kept referring to how his life (and ours too) was far more fluid than he’d initially thought. […]
I went to small social mingling. It was a low key, artsy sort of thing. Casual chilling in a large […]
It has been brought to my attention that there may be some misunderstandings or misperceptions surrounding the subject of self-awareness, if […]