I read a book which had as its premise that the game of golf was much more than a game, […]
As laypersons, every once in a while life will present us with the difficult task of trying to describe a problem to […]
Take a moment and answer this question: How often do we want to ‘know'(or be reassured) that we’re going to be ‘good’ at […]
I once spent the better portion of a day in the internet (and yes, I meant ‘in’ and not ‘on’)investigating […]
Screened sieves or pans with small holes in their bottoms are still used to this day by seekers of gold […]
I’ve met many people who harbor fantasies about starting their lives over by simply walking away from the one they […]
  I last wrote briefly from a parent’s perspective on graduation… Never one to leave much alone, here’s a few […]
Tis the season of academic transitions, otherwise known as ‘graduation’. It happens every year but for the parents of the […]