The very first thinkers Thought that thinking was really important. They came to that conclusion after giving it a lot […]
It appears as though I’m being showered with goodness that I neither earned  nor can deny. These postings are what’s […]
Cells replicate Life replicates Neither duplicates That would not be life That would be boring (even I am aware of […]
To what do we refer when we observe and express our concern that someone we know seems wound up really […]
Just this morning, the national and local weather prophets parlayed percentages, calculated and played the over-under, took a side short-sell […]
If I sang out of tune,              would you walk out on me? Wow. What a gut punch question . . […]
I keep my ears tuned for truths the way some keep an eye out for fashion or sex.      I could […]
There are moments when the headwinds we face stiffen and we can pause to re-evaluate, when the barriers are so […]