Might I suggest that we consider the following:
Gamers are progamers, I mean, programmers and programmers are gaming us.

Yikes, I realize that this is not a conspiracy theory. So, I will continue:
Gamers are taught, trained, rewarded, and conditioned like conditioning can do, remember the dog that was trained to drool at the sound of a bell? Or was that programmed into that specific ‘subject’ and, then — get this — bred into the next generation of said players of said game…who can almost believe that it’s a distinct reality…so much so that they compete and compare constantly and viciously mercilessly, in truth rapaciously attacking factiously, of course, I mean, fictitiously and bloodlessly in cybervillages, all in theory and in the abstract of 1s and 0s.

Now get this: Every single nation on this planet has a defense department dedicated to putting their best and brightest persons into positions to viciously probe, attack, AND infect with malware (viruses, anyone?) any AND all software apps and deviations that don’t ‘run well’ on their operating systems…their ruthless way of doing things.

So: when and as we are teaching our machines to learn, guess what we are teaching them? Yep, how this is all just a sort of win-lose game. There are no ethics in numbers. Doing the math has never given us a humane solution. There is no bleeding in algorithms allowed. That’s sloppy. That’s messy and doesn’t do
anything except to slow us experts down from killing each other…in theory…and you…in reality…if you get anywhere near the truth.

Do you ‘sense’ the issues here?
Do you ‘feel’ a bit queasy?
Trust that.
That’s your humanity calling you.

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