Logistically, my wife was in Shanghai on a business trip. Because I am self-employed and a writer, I had the opportunity to go with her. […]
For those of you who are currently living in or have experienced densely populated urban living, some of what I’m about to write may seem all too familiar. […]
This Sunday, January 10, 2016, my book Owning Ourselves is going to be available for free downloading on Kindle. Please, please…help yourself to a copy […]
It was much earlier in my life that I became disenchanted with the hype surrounding christmas and new year. As much as I wanted these two […]
People have been reaching out to me and inquiring more about starting a group in their area centered upon personal awakening and the book Owning […]
It’s impossible to read or watch much about politics in America that doesn’t involve fear. I do not suspect that this is unique or limited to our political process. […]
You may have noticed the snowflakes (or the random white dots cascading across the home screen). A good friend of mine thought that they would […]
There’s an outside chance you thought I might have left off a ‘t’ from the but in the title word and you might have wondered if I […]
Quite some time ago I read an article about a South American rain forest tribe. Without going into great detail about the article, one of […]
If you were famous and being interviewed, picture yourself being asked the typical type of questions about your formative years like: So what was it like […]