Some believe that we are born spiritually awake and aware, and that the experience of being human lulls us asleep. Some believe that we have […]
Survivalists have a 100% failure rate. As such, the term itself, ‘survivalist’, is completely misleading. The very best that they could claim to be are prolongists. Their goal […]
As a comedian once noted, “You can’t ever get enough of the stuff you don’t really want in order to impress people you don’t really […]
The historical and personal perspectives that I’ve offered up in some of my recent blogs were based in a simple, living truth: That the purpose […]
The birth of our democracy was raucous and messy. I’m not referring to the war with King George and the British Empire. I’m referring to […]
I made mention in a recent blog (“Mottos”) that I sensed that, as Americans, our trust in our systems, politics and institutions has been eroded to […]
Here’s the link to today’s podcast. Thanks everyone.
We all know what a motto is, right? And we know what separates a good motto from a not so good motto…namely, that we remember the […]
The podcast that was postponed from last Saturday has been rescheduled for this upcoming Saturday, July 4, 2016, at noon. You can find out more […]
That’s the metaphor we often hear to describe the transmission of a vision or an inspiration or a philosophy (or something) from one generation to the […]