Here’s a true clue as to when we experience a genuine moment of connection with something other than ourselves during […]
Clue number 2 If a person cannot conduct themselves decently towards other human beings, they cannot make any honest claim […]
men stood around who had taken an oath to protect and serve      while innocence and innocents died while innocents bled […]
Here’s a simple, safe example. How do I know it’s simple?  Even I can understand it. How do I know […]
Words: wanna believe them again?… and don’t know which wordy word worder worker to trust? Might I suggest we try to […]
If you’ve read any postings of mine before this one, you will have realized what I simpleton I can be. […]
hey there, simple person here, passing on an example of what I mean by simple and where it can lead. […]
For so many people these days, there is this agonizing:  to secretly, I mean, sub-consciously almost secretly,  hopelessly love so […]
In keeping with honestly facing what’s real, I’m going just say it:                                                      we all pray a lot. I am not […]
This reading is for denture wearers everywhere. You know who you are. You’re smiling. (“Good on ya now” as the […]