When I care so much that it hurts,  and I still want to care, I have to ask myself what […]
When you care, as you care, caring can show and teach you many aspects about caring itself. Things such as […]
Feels somewhat sinister, the title, no? (and I’m not referring to the grammaticals, for those so inclined) Consider the word […]
It doesn’t intend to bring along a plus one, yet wisdom is often accompanied by irony. The exact same instant […]
There are few who cry foul against their freedom more stridently or continually or shamelessly than the greedy who have […]
Did you realize that even the intention, the simple trying to be of help humbly, is or can be, its […]
Charles shares an activity based on a video you can check out here. The friends then discuss awareness and how […]
In this episode, Cap follows Charles’ recommendation and throws ten cards on the table so a random selection can guide […]
In this episode, Charles shares one of his writings entitled A Fine Ally and tells Cap why being organized is […]
Here’s another funny little something:        Ever notice how we tell ourselves that we can’t understand            how friggin hard it is […]