Whether you’ve had some remodeling work done in your own home or have watched one of the many home remodeling […]
  We have a saying here in the States, “The cream always rises to the top”. It’s an old saying. […]
In physics, it’s believed that energy or mass can neither be created nor destroyed.  (Necessarily, this begs the question of where then did all […]
As a citizenry, we are conflicted to our core. We aspire to be a land of equals but we secretly […]
You and me we’re at the heart of the matter we’re at the nub…the rub…the only place that can and […]
In our schools, before we teach our children math, ecology or history…before we teach them about much of anything really […]
Here’s what I discovered the hard way: when I’m playing Name That Tune In 3 Notes, I never hear the song. […]
I must apologize to any of those readers from countries other than the United States. This blog in particular may […]
It has always amused me when I’m watching a fictional story (TV show, movie, national news) when one of the […]