There are countries that are currently and seriously considering establishing an economic system that provides a base income for all of its […]
As laypersons, every once in a while life will present us with the difficult task of trying to describe a problem to […]
I once spent the better portion of a day in the internet (and yes, I meant ‘in’ and not ‘on’)investigating […]
I’ve met many people who harbor fantasies about starting their lives over by simply walking away from the one they […]
  I last wrote briefly from a parent’s perspective on graduation… Never one to leave much alone, here’s a few […]
Tis the season of academic transitions, otherwise known as ‘graduation’. It happens every year but for the parents of the […]
If the truth is timeless (and it is) then I suggest it’s hanging around somewhere in plain sight, like it always has, just waiting […]
The words corrupt and corruption have been more liberally used in social media and news reports in recent months.  At […]
It will take me a moment to get to TJ, otherwise known as The Pen of the Revolution, while I […]
In a recent blog, Center of the Universe, I ended with a line that has brought a few readers to ask a similar […]