The speaker himself kept referring to how his life (and ours too) was far more fluid than he’d initially thought. Whether you considered your rhythms cyclical […]
It has been brought to my attention that there may be some misunderstandings or misperceptions surrounding the subject of self-awareness, if and when the subject might come […]
Many of the people I have worked with have grievances and emotional hurts that are the results of situations that can be understood simply as, ‘They just weren’t treated fairly’. They felt […]
It has been argued that the spiritual evolutionary clock is always being reset to zero because one of the truest tests of a person’s spiritual development is […]
Rather a catchy phrase, don’t you think?…”The Cutting Edge”. I’d rank it right up there with “The Tip of the Spear” and “Breakthrough Technology” in the […]
  It’s not hard for me to take a look around wherever I happen to be and notice lots of things that I know little […]
It was much earlier in my life that I became disenchanted with the hype surrounding christmas and new year. As much as I wanted these two […]
You may have noticed the snowflakes (or the random white dots cascading across the home screen). A good friend of mine thought that they would […]
     There is an abundance of empirical evidence available that points us towards a simple but startling conclusion: How we look at things changes how things […]